Wheel brushes crimped miniature brushes, shank-mounted

Miniature wheel brush RBU dia. 22x2 mm shank dia. 2.34 mm white goat hair

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Dia. external
Dia. filament material
Dia. shank
Filament material
Technical information
Miniature wheel brush RBU dia. 22x2 mm shank dia. 2.34 mm white goat hair

Dia. external
22 mm
Dia. filament material
0 mm
Dia. shank
2.34 mm
Filament material
Goat hair (ZHW)
Length, filament
6 mm
Length, total
1.13 /16 Inch
Length, total
46 mm
Max. RPM
12000 RPM
Mounting system
RPM, optimum, from
4000 RPM
RPM, optimum, to
10000 RPM
2 mm
Packaging unit
10 pieces

Suitable for light brushing such as deburring, cleaning and polishing.

PFERD offers a wide range of miniature brushes for precision work. These can be used on flexible shaft drives, micro motors or electric grinders.

Brushes with natural bristles (animal hair) are primarily suitable for light cleaning and dust removal, as well as for polishing (in combination with polishing pastes). Goat hair is more flexible and softer than bristle.

Natural bristles withstand temperatures up to 150 °C.

  • Maximum precision and efficiency in work on delicate workpieces.
  • Enables focused working in hard-to-reach areas.
Recommendations for use
  • Please observe the recommended rotational speeds.
  • Use brush with polishing paste to achieve the optimum polishing result.
Safety notes
  • When clamping the brush, ensure that the shank is clamped as far into the arbor as possible. This applies in particular for use in the high rotational speed range. The minimum clamping length is 10 mm.
Materials that can be worked
Cast iron
Cast steel
Cobalt-based alloys
Hard non-ferrous metal
High-temperature-resistant materials
Nickel-based alloys (e.g. Inconell and Hastelloy)
Nickel or titanium-based superalloys
Other non-ferrous metals
Soft titanium alloys (tensile strength 500 N/mm²)
Stainless steel (INOX)
Steel, cast steel
Steel materials with a hardness > 54 HRC
Steels up to 1,200 N/mm² (< 38 HRC)
Titanium alloys
Drive types
Flexible shaft drive
Straight grinder

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