• The fastest work progress due to highly aggressive abrasive.
  • Fibreglass backing support guarantees durable and safe use.
  • Significantly more ergonomic than a conventional grinding wheel: noise and vibrations are reduced significantly. In addition, a clearly superior surface is achieved.
  • Compared to flap discs, flat surfaces can be achieved due to the dimensional stability.
  • Unlike fibre discs, the CC-GRIND-ROBUST does not deform even under extreme climatic conditions and is significantly more robust in rough use.
  • Due to the adjusted geometry the use of a special flange set is not necessary.
  • Resetting/trimming the tool is possible without any problems.

Recommendations for use:

  • Trim the CC-GRIND-ROBUST on sharp metal edges, files or with cutting inserts.
  • Trimming may only be carried out with a contact angle of 45°.
  • Press the tool carefully on to the workpiece and increase the pressure until a chip is formed. Keep the pressure until the tool has been brought to the desired dimension.
  • Choose the CC-GRIND-ROBUST SG STEELOX for deburring.
  • Choose the CC-GRIND-ROBUST SGP STEELOX if you want results as fast as possible.


CC-GRIND-ROBUST - Modern, high-performance, ergonomic

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The CC-GRIND system – The pro for stock removal

Here you can find additional useful information.

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