Ergonomics are an important aspect of occupational health and safety. The aim is to shape working conditions so that the user’s comfort is elevated and so that their health is not adversely affected – even in difficult working conditions and when performing the respective task over a long period.

As a manufacturer of hand-held tools, we feel a particular duty to the user to contribute towards increased safety and health protection and working comfort. During all processes involved in the manufacture of hand-held PFERD tools, from research and development to production, the focus is on people.

With the help of the four pictograms, you can immediately identify the PFERDERGONOMICS advantages that our innovative tool solutions offer over conventionally used products.

In keeping with the principle of PFERDERGONOMICS, PFERD provides ergonomically optimized tools and tool drives that contribute to increased safety and comfort and, as a result, to users’ health.


Users of hand-held tools are exposed to mechanical oscillation. The consequences of these oscillations may lead to decreased performance and adverse health effects.


Noise at the workplace can become an issue. Depending on the job and personal perceptions, noise at work may be bothersome, disruptive and may even pose a danger to health.


Not only does the pollutant content impair air quality due to the dust, the size of the particles may also create issues: The smaller they are, the greater the health hazard.


Using tools successfully and economically requires the ability to work using the lowest level of force with the best possible control and maximum comfort.

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