There is a focus on efficiency in all work processes. This is the result of cost savings on the one hand and an increase in productivity on the other. With this in mind, users are faced with the daily challenge of conducting their tasks quickly, effectively and with the best results. However, the efficiency of the tools used to do so is not only determined by the work results achieved in the short term. It also depends on how the use of these tools in the long term affects man, machine and ongoing operation.

As a manufacturer that prides itself on quality, PFERD always concentrates on attaining an optimum degree of economy when developing all of its products. Uncovering further saving potential is another of PFERD’s self-proclaimed goals and serves as a foundation for developing sustainably efficient products.

In keeping with the principle of PFERDEFFICIENCY, PFERD offers innovative, high-performance tool solutions and tool drives with outstanding added economic value. They achieve perfect results in the shortest time, save energy and/or generate less waste that incurs costs.

What's more, they maintain the user's efficiency and therefore contribute to higher productivity.

With the help of the four pictograms, you can immediately identify the outstanding added economic advantage that our innovative tool solutions offer over conventionally used products.


Perfectly harmonised with optimum dimensions, PFERD tools and tool drives offer considerably higher performance, save energy and boost economic efficiency.


Waste incurs effort and costs. PFERD tools produce less waste through improved stock removal rates and cutting performance with reduced product mass or an above-average tool life.


Time is a factor in cost-effectiveness. More aggressive tools with a higher stock removal rate plus reduced unproductive idle time, such as tool changes and rest periods, result in time savings.


PFERD tools set themselves apart over their entire life cycle through the optimum and efficient utilisation of existing resources, thus enabling them to make a considerable contribution to savings.

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